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Norway is starting to have more electric cars than it can handle

When Hilde Charlotte Blomberg reached the University of Oslo last Friday, the first thing she did was to send a mass email to the Department of Informatics:

I arrived at work now and all the spaces for electric cars are taken. If you think your car is charged, I Motewould appreciate if you could park somewhere else. I won’t get home if I can’t charge my car. I am standing downstairs and waiting and hoping that someone will come

Blomberg drives a Citroen C-Zero. Hers is one of 15,000 electric cars on the roads of Norway. That’s up from around 10,000 last year and just 6,000 in 2011. Yet the very things that made it so attractive to buy an electric car are now under pressure. Two incentives in particular have become victims of their own success: the ability to drive in bus lanes and free public charging spots.
More cars than buses

According to Budstikka (link in Norwegian), a local newspaper for the rich suburbs outside Oslo where the majority of electric cars are sold, electric vehicles now dominate the bus lanes into Oslo


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