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Nine new plug-in cars to look forward to in 2014

As noted on, its monthly Dashboard tracks all clean-tech car sales including plug-ins, hybrids, clean diesels, and even Honda’s lone CNG car – all told around 75 models give or take.

This year alone there are going to be somewhere around 25 new clean-tech cars added to the roster, including these plug-in cars.

A next-gen Volt is not confirmed so it does not make the list for new releases pending in calendar year 2014.

As the song says, “these are the good old days,” for – call them what you wish: clean tech, alternative tech, advanced tech, green cars – anything but straight gas burners.

In case anyone is wondering, Toyota is not on the list because its new Prii will come along in 2015, but said no new electrified models are pending for 2014. McLaren P1 is not here because while a 2014 model, it was released in October and sold out in November 2013. Mitsu Outlander is not here because the company said it’s not launching U.S. models until 2015.

So without further ado, here are some plug-in cars expected in 2014 with links to each for your perusal.
Cadillac ELR

This being we confess: This model gets pushed to the top of the list in a blatant act of editorial bias.

Is it the most important plug-in car in America? Probbaly not, but perhaps a case could be made, and ultimately this does remain to be seen.


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