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New data from Canada shows cold weather range loss in Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt

The maximum range for any electric vehicle is to be had at around a 60-75 degree Fahrenheit “Goldilocks zone,” data from a Canadian fleet management company suggests. Outside of that, range degradation begins to seriously impact performance in an EV.

A Canadian fleet management company that makes a popular app called MyCarma for use in tracking vehicle usage and conditions has released data that shows warm and cold weather driving habits and range changes for customers using their app.

More than 7,000 trips in the Nissan LEAF were recorded in various weather conditions and used to plot range expectations for the cars. Only about 4,000 Chevrolet Volt data points were recorded, since they excluded trips taken when temperatures were below -4C (25F), since the Volt runs its combustion engine to augment battery thermal management and hence is not in EV-only mode.
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