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Living with a Nissan Leaf: The ins and outs of electric car tech

Electric cars are exciting things. The combination of cutting-edge technology with penny-saving efficiency is something we definitely like – yet you never see that many of them about.

Our recent time with the BMW i3, coupled with a new-found frustration over fuel costs and central London life, left us wondering if electric tech really could come to the rescue.

As such, we decided to live with Nissan’s latest electric offering – the Leaf – for a week. Our aim? To see if electric cars really can deliver.

The technology

Before we start on our experience with the Leaf proper, first a bit on the technology involved in this car.

An 80kW motor, powered by a 24kW lithium-ion battery pack, makes its wheels turn. These batteries are the same sort of thing you might find in a laptop. The difference is that there is a lot more of them here – 192, to be exact.



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