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Lithium Outlook: Lithium Won’t Impress in 2014 on Lackluster Battery Market

iStock_000026484823smIt was a fairly quiet 2013 for the lithium market, with only a handful of companies making moves. And if you’re expecting that to change radically in 2014, well, think again.

Daniela Desormeaux, economist and general manager at SignumBOX, spoke to Lithium Investing News about the lithium market in 2013 and what investors can look forward to in the coming year.

The primary driver for lithium is the battery market, and, more specifically, batteries for portable devices. Unfortunately, the electronics market has been soft, with global consumer spending and overall GDP leaving the industry awash in uncertainty. That is a major hurdle for the battery sector, and Desormeaux is not surprised to be seeing a slowdown in battery demand. “Demand used to grow at 6 or 7 percent per year,” she said, adding that for 2013, she only expects to see a 4 or 5 percent growth in the battery market.

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What about 2014?

With global economies showing signs of stability, the hope is that recovery for the market is also on the horizon; however, Desormeaux believes a more conservative approach is best, and expects that 2014 is going to be very similar to 2013 for the lithium market.

“We hope in the next two years demand will recover and start to grow again at higher growth rates,” Desormeaux stated, adding “hopefully because of new developments, especially with electric cars.”


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