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Life With Tesla Model S: Battery Upgrade From 60 kWh To 85 kWh

A recent 1,200-mile East Coast road trip in my 2013 Tesla Model S electric car proved to be something of a turning point in my view of the car.

Fitted with the smaller 60-kilowatt-hour battery pack, my car’s EPA range of 208 miles was not quite enough to make it between Superchargers–Tesla’s proprietary ultra-fast DC charging stations–at normal Interstate speeds in cold weather.

So I faced a Hobson’s choice.

I could extend the car’s range by driving 60 mph in the slow lane, with the heat off, or loiter in the customer lounges of Nissan dealers along the way, while my car picked up the extra few miles it needed courtesy of their slower Level 2 charging stations.

Neither alternative turned out to be much fun.


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