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Leveling the Clean Car Playing Field in California

California lawmakers are looking for ways to provide low income residents with the financial means to trade in their polluting clunkers for newer, greener vehicles, including, possibly, electric models.

Published: 03-Dec-2013

It’s no secret that the poor, if they can even afford an automobile or pickup, tend to drive older, more polluting vehicles. That’s all they can afford.

Meanwhile, the more well-off get to enjoy up to a $7,500 federal tax credit, as well as other incentives and taxpayer-funded subsidies in order to own their Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt or Nissan LEAF. And chances are, if they own motor vehicles, they will be newer and cleaner, producing far fewer emissions.

So, it seems to sense, at least in California, that some effort should be made to offer the less privileged a way to afford something cleaner than the clunkers they drive now. That’s the conversation being had in the Golden State. Two recently enacted pieces of legislation would, make it possible to provide some form of funding – vouchers are being considered – to get low income individuals and families into less polluting vehicles, including enough to theoretically buy a Nissan LEAF, for example


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