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Leonardo DiCaprio To Help Bolster China’s Electric Car Industry In FIA Formula E Race In Beijing

Leonardo Dicaprio seems to be doing everything in his power to lose the heartthrob image that plagued him during his “Romeo + Juliet” and “Titanic” days. Don’t worry, Leo, you’ve lost it. We all know you’re a “tough guy” and a “serious” actor now, so loosen up and show us those pearly whites! Reuters
The struggling electric car industry in China needs something to recharge it. And a little star power, in the form of Leonardo DiCaprio, could be what the industry needs to bolster sales of electric cars in an otherwise booming automotive market.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the Oscar-nominated American actor announced his involvement in what is surely to be a high-profile electric-car racing circuit that will have its inaugural season in Beijing next fall. DiCaprio’s team will reportedly be one of 10 teams participating in the race, which is expected to draw crowds of 300,000 people, with racers speeding at 220 kilometers (or 136 miles) per hour as part of the FIA Formula E Championships. While many may come to watch the A-list actor, promoters are hoping attendees will leave with a renewed interest in electric vehicles.



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