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Jakarta: Electric Car Ready to Be Produced in 2017

BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 12/23/2013 9:30:38 AM

The Ministry of Research and Technology plans to produce electric cars in 2017. It aims to reduce air pollution in the capital city, because the level of air pollution comes from public transport has reached 40 percent.

Minister of Research and Technology, Gusti Muhammad Hatta said electric car is very eco-friendly car. Thus it can help to reduce air pollution in the city. “Based on temporary calculations, the air pollution is greater than transportation results up to 48 percent from public transport,” he stated, while testing electric vehicles in Monas, Central Jakarta, Sunday (12/22).

He is optimistic the electric car residents will be interest to electric cars. Besides eco-friendly, the car is also very economical. Its maintenance also cheap between 40-50 percent compared to oil-fueled vehicles. “The car does not use oil fuel. So, I believe people will be interest buying the car,” he told.


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