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Indian EVs Await Government Support, But Some Owners Are Already Happy With Their Cars

Vinay Kumar works in complete customer care for Mahindra Reva Electric Cars PVT Ltd., so naturally he drives a battery-electric vehicle. He recently spoke to about the experience of owning an electric vehicle in India.

While there isn’t a great deal of government support for electric vehicle owners in the South Asian nation and the charging infrastructure is limited, owning an electric vehicle in India offers significant savings compared to a gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle, he said.

Kumar also drives a battery-electric vehicle to reduce his carbon footprint, he said.

More government support seems to be on the way in the next few years as the national government has adopted a plan to aggressively boost EV ownership in India. Meanwhile, Kumar has managed to take a number of long-distance trips in his battery-electric vehicle.

While you might expect someone who works for the manufacturer to drive the most current electric vehicle his company offers, Kumar, 34, in fact drives a 2007 model-year Mahindra REVAi, not the more advanced E2O pure electric vehicle Mahindra Reva launched in March of 2013. “Since I am serving customers I do not want to go for a new model unless all the old models are no more used,” Kumar told PluginCars


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