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Greenway electric cars contribute to a cleaner environment in partnership with DPD

Residents of Nitra and Bratislava may meet with GreenWay electric vans from late November to 23th December. In cooperation with the courier company DPD, we decided to at least partially contribute to reduction of transport emissions, by using two vans driving exclusively on electric power. Vans, with our drivers behind their wheels should convince the public that electric mobility can already positively affect their quality of life directly and indirectly. Thanks to zero emissions, low noise and efficient use of renewable sources, electric vehicles are legitimately known as green alternative to vehicles with internal combustion engines and GreenWay Electric vans are no exception. Moreover, these vans can do everything what is expected from vans with diesel engines, such as usability, range and capacity.

DPD courier company in Slovakia, which is served on the first carbon neutral packages and within the framework of the Project the Responsibility of actively compensates for all the carbon dioxide released to the environment of its cars for the carriage of courier packages.

DPD is the first courier company in Slovakia, which decided to improve its image of a socially responsible company, which also does not have problem to test the current as well as future trends in road transportation. GreenWay drivers who deliver DPD shipments to clients in our electrical vans face extremely positive and enthusiastic reactions from the public. It is also another proof that people do not want to just hear about electromobility, but want to live with it and be a part of it.


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