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Global and China Lithium Ion Battery Industry Trend Analysis in a new Research Study Available at

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 07, 2013

2013 Deep Research Report on Global and China Lithium Ion Battery Industry is a professional and in-depth research report on the China Lithium Ion Battery market. The report provides basic Lithium Ion Battery information including Lithium Ion Battery definition, classification, application, and industry chain structure as well as industry overview. This research covers international market analysis including China’s domestic market as well as global industry analysis covering macroeconomic environment & economic situation analysis. The report on Lithium Ion Battery industry ( covers information on policy, plans for Lithium Ion Battery product specification, manufacturing process, product cost structure and much more. This report also provides statistics on key manufacturers in China and international market along with their Lithium Ion Battery production, cost, price, profit, production value, gross margin and other information. At the same time, information on these manufacturers also includes customer’s application, capacity, market position and company contact information details. 2013 market research report on the Lithium Ion Battery industry also mentions data and information on capacity production, price, cost, profit, production value and gross margins of the market. The report lists Lithium Ion Battery upstream raw materials & equipment’s as well as downstream client’s alternative products, survey analysis, information on marketing channels as well as industry development trends and proposals.

This report presents a new Lithium Ion Battery industry project analysis covering SWOT, investment feasibility analysis as well as investment return analysis with related research conclusions and development trend analysis of China and Global Lithium Ion Battery industry.

Table of Contents (

Chapter One Lithium Ion Battery Industry Overview

Chapter Two Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing Technology and Process

Chapter Three Lithium Ion Battery Production Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast

Chapter Four International Lithium Ion Battery Key Manufacturers

4.1 Sanyo (Japan)

4.2 Sony (Japan)

4.3 Maxell (Japan)

4.4 Panasonic (Japan)

4.5 Samsung SDI (Korea)

4.6 LGC (Korea)

4.7 E-one Moli (Taiwan)

4.8 A123 (United States)

Chapter Five China Lithium Ion Battery Key Manufacturers

5.1 Lishen (Tianjin)

5.2 BAK (Shenzhen)

5.3 BYD (Shenzhen)

5.4 ATL (Dongguan)

5.5 BK Battery (Shenzhen)

5.6 DKT (Shenzhen)

5.7 COSLIGHT (Harbin)

5.8 HYB (Shenzhen)

5.9 SCUD (Fujian)

5.10 DESAY (Shenzhen)

5.11 EVE (Huizhou)

5.12 SUNWODA (Shenzhen)

5.13 Guoxuan High-tech (Hefei)

5.14 Changhong Batteries (Sichuan)

5.15 Fengfan New Energy (Baoding)

5.16 SAPT (Shanghai)

5.17 Fenghua LIB (Guangdong)

5.18 China Aviation Lithium Battery (Luoyang)

Chapter Six China 30Million Pieces/year Lithium Ion Battery Project Investment Feasibility Analysis

Chapter Seven Lithium Ion Battery Research Conclusions

List of Tables and Figures

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