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Fukushima: Radioactivity Flowing into the Ocean will Shift towards West Coast of North America, Unpredictable Consequences

Previously unpublished 2012 Fukushima plume map from gov’t scientists: “Radioactivity will almost entirely shift to eastern N. Pacific” –

Rhodes Scholar: No one can imagine what effects radiation flowing into ocean will have on sea life and ‘other things’


Radionuclide Transport from Fukushima to Eastern North Pacific, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2013 PICES Annual Meeting on Oct. 15, 2013:

Main inventory of Fukushima 137Cs had been transported towards central North Pacific By 2012. […] The inventory of Fukushima radioactivity will almost entirely shift from the western to the eastern North Pacific during the next 5 years.
Surface water distribution of Fukushima 137Cs in 2012 (Aoyama et al., 2013; G. Hong, pers. comm. [personal communication]):

Interview with Alex Kerr, “[Rhodes] scholar, linguist, specialist and prize winner” -Japan Times, Dec. 23, 2013:
Articles by: Global Research News
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