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Fisker Bankruptcy – The Story » Motorward

Once patronized by A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, the cars from Fisker Automotive Inc. are in danger of going the way of the dinosaur, 8-track, and Betamax. On November 22, 2013, the private automaker — based in Anaheim, California — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It was a new low for Fisker, which had become notable for producing one of the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Danish car designer Henrik Fisker had applied his skills to the formulation of super luxury cars like the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8. Thanks to investments from Italian businessman Gianfranco Pizzuto and Palo Alto Investors, he was able to strike out on his own. Fisker and Bernhard Kohler, who had worked with him at Aston Martin, started the car design firm Fisker Coachbuild in 2005. This outfit was responsible for the two-seat German sports car Artega GT. Two years later, Fisker Coachbuild and the California-based technology design and manufacturing company Quantum Technologies formed Fisker Automotive as a joint venture. The objective was to produce cars using a cutting-edge plug-in hybrid technology called Quantum Drive, which would be developed by Quantum Technologies exclusively for Fisker Automotive.




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