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Faster Public Charging Is Key To Getting More Electric Vehicles On The Road

Even today’s few EV owners won’t take them out on longer trips–the average longest trip is 93 miles, a new survey reports. This doesn’t bode well for more mainstream adoption.

Electric vehicle sales have been disappointing. Renault-Nissan, which makes the best-selling Leaf, says the battery-only market is traveling four or five years behind expectations. Although BMW and VW released models recently, pure-play EVs (i.e. those without backup gasoline tanks) haven’t really gotten out of parking mode.

The reason? Relatively expensive cars, batteries with limited range, and, especially, a lack of workable charging infrastructure. At the moment, most public charging stations are Level 2, which give only 10 to 20 miles extra range per hour of charging time. That’s not convenient if you want to drive from Boston to Tulsa.


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