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Electric vehicle charging etiquette starts to take shape

Is it bad EV etiquette to leave your car plugged in at the airport for a week? Should EVs be able to park at the charger and not be charging?

Imagine yourself an EV owner heading out on a business trip for 2 days. Your new Nissan Leaf EV has a range that can get you to the airport, but not also back on a single charge. This is not that unbelievable. A reader of ours recently wrote on our comments under a recent Tesla story that he has a 100 mile – one way – commute each day. So it is not outside the realm of reality that a Leaf owner might also be 75 miles from an airport.

So, back to our story. Upon arriving at the airport the stalls for charging are all occupied. Bummer. However, as luck would have it a nice young lady walks to her EV, unplugs and pulls out just in time! You slide your electric car into the slot, and notice that there is a Tesla to your right and a Fisker Karma (more rare than a baby pigeon) on the left. The Karma has plates that say “INSTNT.” Cute.
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Upon returning, your Leaf is pre-conditioned, toasty warm and fully charged up. Approaching the car you now notice that the INSTNT Karma is still there and thickly coated in that airport jet fuel dust. That makes you wonder how long that car with the range extender is going to take that valuable EV charging spot. Is this bad EV etiquette? Would it matter if the car was a Volt (also an extended range EV) or a Honda Fit EV? Maybe the INSTNT was out of gas and needed the charge. Would that make it OK?


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