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Electric Car Charging Station Etiquette (Video)

electric car charging etiquetteSo you’ve made the big move from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric car, and congratulations are in order! You’re helping to reduce our dependence on oil, decrease the amount of pollution from transportation, and you’re saving money on fuel at the same time.

Now, instead of waiting in line at the pump, following the standard rules of gas station etiquette, you’ll need to learn another set of skills for when you need to recharge. It’s not so hard to learn how to find the nearest and most convenient electric car charging station, as there are apps for that.

One of the great advantages of owning an electric vehicle is that you can “fuel up” at home by plugging in at night, which is something that standard cars can’t do. However, you may still need to get a charge in order to make it through your day, and with the growing number of electric car charging stations throughout the country, chances are good that you’ll be able to plug in while you’re out and about.

But you might run into some other challenges when you get to the charging station, and so to make sure that you’re not the one that’s annoying other electric car owners, you’ll want to steer clear of some basic kinds of bad behaviors, such as unplugging someone else’s EV or parking at a charge station while not needing a charge and not being plugged in.



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