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Eight out of 10 electric car owners will continue to buy EVs |

December 6th, 2013 – Davis Adams | In:Lifestyle
Call it EV loyalty. A UK-based study starting in 2008 has concluded that 80 percent of the 350 of electric car drivers (in this study drivers of the Mini E and Mitsubishi i-MiEV) would choose another EV when the time came to buy a new car.

This is a huge win for the EV world, as the findings of the study, calculated from 350 drivers, may not only give EV owners on the fence confidence about getting another one, but also show non-EV owners (unaware of the smooth, calm driving environment the cars provide) that EVs are exceptionally capable.

It’s reasonable to assume that EV drivers initially selected for the trial would be keen early-adopters and therefore biased somewhat towards the cars, but people just don’t put up with inconvenience if there’s a better option, so even with that in mind a rate of 80 percent is extremely strong.



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