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Design News – News – New EV Battery Chemistry Boosts Range, Life

In a bid to boost the viability of lithium-based electric car batteries, a team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a chemistry that could possibly double an EV’s driving range while cutting its battery cost in half.

The new chemistry, which employs a nanocomposite sulfur cathode, could be significant because it potentially offers the traditional high energy and low cost of lithium-sulfur, while eliminating the cycle-life problems that have long plagued that technology.

“If automakers can successfully develop this into a full-sized battery without making any performance compromises, we could finally have a battery-powered vehicle with a 300-mile range,” Elton Cairns, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of California, told Design News. “And the cost would be much lower than today’s lithium-ion batteries, because sulfur is literally dirt cheap.”



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