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Charger not accepted by Covington city

Covington will wait a little longer to invest in electric vehicles, as the Covington City Council voted Monday not to participate in a program from car manufacturer Nissan that would have given the city a free electric car charger.

Although the charger would have been free, city grant writer Randy Conner said installation costs would have been around $10,000, and the city would have had to buy or lease a Nissan Leaf vehicle.

The council voted unanimously Monday to decline the offer.

Conner said Nissan is trying to establish charging ports every 35-45 miles along major interstates, such as Interstate 20. Most electric vehicles have a range of 75-100 miles before they need a charge, Conner said, though the Leaf has a range of 100 miles. While Nissan would have provided the charger (which would have been a fast charge port capable of fully charging a battery in under an hour), Conner said Covington would be responsible for installing the station and maintaining the charger. The cost for charging a car would have been $3 to $5 an hour, Conner said, a rate at which the city would only recover its electricity costs.


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