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Big Renewable-Friendly Battery From Hitachi

Hitachi says it will begin demonstration tests in the North American market of a 1-megawatt lithium-ion container-style energy storage system.
Earthtechling, Pete Danko
December 11, 2013

Who knows how economical it might be, but the Japanese electronics and industrial giant Hitachi is moving toward marketing an energy storage system that could be a companion piece to renewable power generation — another sign of the growing interest in such products.

The company said a system called CrystEna (that’s “crystal” and “energy” shortened and squished together; maybe it sounds better in Japanese) will use lithium-ion battery technology in a 1-megawatt container-like package. At that size, this isn’t for home storage — nor is it the sort of storage that SolarCity has begun promoting for large business solar systems to cut peak demand.

Instead, this looks like a utility-scale application, the kind of thing that would be used in a fashion similar to the 4-megawatt sodium-sulfur battery system from NGK Insulators that the Northern California utility Pacific Gas & Electric is testing in San Jose.

But while Hitachi was announcing CrystEna, it was a bit unclear about exactly when and how it might come to market:


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