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Auto review: Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid

The most attention that Cadillac has so far received for its first electric range-extended luxury vehicle is an uproar over its price. The 2014 ELR plug-in-hybrid sports coupe starts at $76,990 — almost $4,000 more than an entry-level Tesla Model S, and more than double the price of the Chevrolet Volt, the groundbreaking car that proved General Motors’ series hybrid powertrain.

The hullabaloo has only served to highlight the question every potential buyer asks of any car: Is it worth the money?

Yes and no. The ELR is the most premium Cadillac on the market, including far more upscale features as standard equipment than any other Cadillac to date, such as LED lights, an 8-inch full-color LCD infotainment screen and 20-inch wheels. The leather, carbon fiber and wood that make up the interior are hand-crafted. And the driving experience is performance-oriented, having the instant torque of an electric motor and direct drive that negates the need for shifting.



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