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NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Tesla’s primary claim to fame was — and still is — its vastly superior range for an all-electric car: up to 265 miles, depending on the model and level of charge.
All the other car makers are currently mostly in the 75- to 100-mile range for their all-electric cars. For longer-range cars, they use smaller batteries in combination with a gasoline (e.g., Chevrolet Volt orBMW i3) or diesel (e.g., Volvo V70 D6) generator.
The argument as to what’s a better long-distance driving solution — all-electric or range-extender — will continue to rage for years. Reflective of this, both solutions will also likely thrive in the market for at least another five to eight years, at a minimum for cost reasons.
At some point between 2016 and 2019, however, multiple Tesla competitors will be delivering all-electric cars with ranges from 200 to 300 miles. Of course, you may say that by then Tesla will have moved the competitive needle to 300 to 400 miles.


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