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Are electric cars the way of the future?

This work represents exactly the research needed to build a sustainable future. The advantages and disadvantages of electric cars are fully reported, leading to the conclusion that the specific vehicles tested do not seem suitable for journeys far outside the city. They work well for shorter journeys inside the urban area.

The pros of increasing the visibility of electric cars are extolled: Less pollution, more business opportunities, and less fossil fuel dependency. Reduced urban noise can be important too, as long as provisions are made for visually impaired people crossing the road.

People riding the electric taxis might also think of buying an electric car for themselves, according to the report. That might not be what we want.

The electric taxis are, quite rightly, powered by electricity generated from local, renewable sources. Could local, renewable electricity supplies cope with everyone buying an electric car and using it extensively?

The answer might be yes if the majority use their vehicles during the day and charge them overnight. Electric vehicles can assist in better distributing how we use electricity over the 24-hour cycle.

Yet the perception of the vehicles being environmentally friendly encourages increased use of private transport. I have often heard owners state “I’m driving a short distance, but it’s ok, it’s electric”. Rather than sharing one car per family, every individual might be encouraged to purchase one.


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