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150-Mile Nissan LEAF Could Become Reality – EVWORLD.COM

Tesla offers battery pack size options, so why shouldn’t Nissan?
Published: 01-Dec-2013

One of the hallmarks of the Tesla Model S – and a key reasons it costs close to six-figures – is its battery size option. You can order it with with a 60kWh or 85 kWh battery pack, the later offering real world range close to 260 miles per charge. (The company dropped a third size, a 40kWh pack, due to low demand, they announced earlier this year).

The larger the battery pack, of course, the more expensive the car, but as Tesla is finding out, a lot of its customers are opting for the larger size and greater range, a trend that hasn’t gone unnoticed at Nissan, makers of the LEAF all-electric car.

During an interview with Plug-In Cars at the recent LA Auto Show, Pierre Loing, vice president of product and advanced planning and strategy at Nissan, hinted that his company may offer a similar multi-pack size option. At present the LEAF is rated at 75 miles per charge, doubling the size of the pack to nearly 50kWh would push this to a more comfortable 150 miles, although the price of the car would increase as well; either the sales price or monthly battery rental cost, if that option were offered.



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