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11 Electric Cars With Prices Lower Than The Average New Car | CleanTechnica

There’s a somewhat odd meme still going around that claims that electric cars are expensive. A little bit of research quickly debunks that.

The average price for a new car in November 2013 (in the US) was $32,769, according to Kelley Blue Book. After the federal tax rebate of $7,500 (yes, it makes complete sense to include this), almost every plug-in electric car on the market is actually cheaper than that (even the BMW i3 almost makes it on the list).

Let’s run down the list. I’ll go down it in order of November sales (more or less). Prices shown are after the federal tax credit, but before any other credits or rebates available in some states and cities (such as the $2,500 rebate in California). Links on the prices go to the manufacturers’ webpages for the cars.

Black Nissan Leaf at EVS27 in Barcelona, Spain.
(This image is available for republishing and even modification under a CC BY-SA license, with the key requirement being that credit be given to Zachary Shahan / EV Obsession / CleanTechnica, and that those links not be removed.)

Nissan Leaf – $21,300
Chevy Volt – $26,685
Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid – $27,490
Ford C-Max Energi – $28,943
smart electric drive – $12,490
Ford Focus Electric – $27,700
Chevy Spark EV – $19,995
Mitsubishi i – $15,495
Fiat 500e – $24,300
Wheego Whip — $18,995
Wheego LiFe — $25,495



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