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Why Can’t California Subsidize 120-Volt Workplace Charging?

Electric vehicle parking by Flickr user aaron_anderer, used under Creative Commons license
Hi-Res Photo

Most people with electric cars presently charge at home.

And why not? It’s where you live, and where your electric car spends the most time stationary. It makes sense to charge there when you’re doing things like eating or sleeping.

But some drivers want or need to charge at work, where they spend a lot of time as well.

And in California today, too few workplaces offer basic 120-Volt charging–in part because state subsidies for electric-car charging facilities ignore it altogether, focusing solely on dedicated 240-Volt Level 2 stations instead.

Far less rewiring

Basic 120-Volt charging is the minimum required to charge an electric car. It’s slower than 240-Volt Level 2 charging, but it also largely eliminates the need for rewiring.


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