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While Women Go for the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Has More for the Men » The Epoch Times

Women drivers seem to be queuing up to grab the discounted Leaf, Nissan’s iconic electric car. Sales have almost doubled since prices have come down along with fears of running out of charge on the road, according to an article in the Detroit News.

The Nissan Leaf looks to be defining a feminine fashion statement with a third of the buyers being women, who at the beginning of the year bought just 10 percent of the cute plug-in cars.

Tesla Motors, on the other hand, with its sleek looks, has remained a man’s choice, with 90 percent of the Palo Alto carmaker’s goods being gobbled up by energy-conscious performance-loving dudes.

Erik Gottfried, director of electric vehicle sales and marketing for Nissan in North America told the Detroit News that the Leaf’s increase in sales could also be attributed to the wide range of trade-ins it accepts. Compared to last year, Nissan Leaf has seen almost a 100 percent rise in sales, with Atlanta remaining the best-selling U.S. market due to carpool-lane access and the state’s tax credits. Gottfried also mentioned high potential markets like Texas and New Jersey.



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