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Volt Super Sport Coming Soon?

Editor’s note: We have no direct input from GM that they plan to offer a Volt Super Sport edition. However we do know that GM has the capability to increase Voltec power significantly based on ELR specs.

We already know that Volt’s traction motor can be uprated to 135 Kw from the current 110 Kw. This can be seen from the ELR preliminary specs found here. Also noted in the ELR’s specs is the following:

Total system power= 154 Kw

What does total system power mean? Is it due to some fancy clutch work as so often is suggested where we use power link to add ICE power to the traction motor? No. It has been shown that, under full acceleration, the Volt stays in single motor all the way to 103 MPH (reference).

We know that the Volt is faster with the engine running. How is this done? The answer is that the Volt runs in series adding approximately 8% more power electrically from the generator to the traction motor. (see RobertPatrison data). We also have some tuners on the forum that are showing increased levels of performance by hot rodding the ICE and are getting better accel times as a result.


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