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Vancouver Makes Case For Thoughtful Electric Vehicle Strategy

The deputy city manager of the City of Vancouver, British Columbia and the leader of Vancouver’s EV policy called me this week to talk about their strategy to expand electric vehicle usage in their city. After hearing the details and reasoning behind their plan, I think Vancouver is doing a lot of things right.

The talk also highlighted a dilemma facing any government wanting to boost the number of electric vehicles in its country or city: How do we balance the build out of charging infrastructure with the still relatively modest sales of plug-in electric vehicles? I don’t think Vancouver has all the answers, but I do think it has chosen a reasonable middle path.
Smart Growth

As I wrote in my earlier post about Vancouver’s EV plans, the city currently has only 49 public 240V charging stations. But “only” is relative. British Columbia, the province in which Vancouver is located, has only about 700 plug-in electric vehicles right now.


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