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Understanding Electric Car Owners & Potential Electric Car Owners (14 Charts & Tables)

One of the presenters at EVS27* was Jack Broadbent of the Bay Area Quality Management District. I actually missed his presentation, but Jack indicated to me in a follow-up Q&A session that he could get me results from US EV owner surveys. I emailed him after the event and received a link back to the massive Bay Area Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan [large PDF]. The plan includes the results of several EV studies. I’ve gone through it all (though, haven’t read it all, of course) to find a number of interesting findings, charts, graphs, and tables. See below for what I pulled out of it. And let me know if you find anything else in there that you think is really worth highlighting. (*Keep up with all my EVS27 coverage here.)
Non–EV Owners Have Trouble Naming A Single Electric Car

Highlighting the degree to which electric vehicle (EV) awareness is still very low (share our articles, people!), 27% of respondents to the City CarShare Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) Survey didn’t come up with a single vehicle when asked which specific models came to mind when they thought of electric vehicles. Furthermore, many respondents answered “Toyota Prius,” “Honda Insight,” or some combination of those or other non-EVs — sometimes in combination with actual plug-in electric vehicles. The EV with the highest percentage of respondents identifying it was the Nissan Leaf at just 40%. This just backs up one of the key points I made in one of my Sunday articles.


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