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UK: Nissan electric car club proves popular with near 3,000 members already

Nissan’s new electric vehicle car sharing service is already proving popular in Japan, with more than 2,700 sign-ups in the first month alone.

The country’s first fully electric car club, the new Choimobi Yokohama service will run for one year as a trial in the city of Yokohama. Using Nissan’s New Mobility Concept-a rebadged version of the Renault Twizy electric quadricycle developed under the Renault-Nissan Alliance-the service operates as a one-way car club. Members are able to hire one of electric models from one of 70 stations located in the downtown core in Yokohama, and return them to any station once they are finished.

Launched at the start of October, the club is already proving popular, currently with 50 vehicles forming the core of the service, with plans for 100 Nissan-badged Twizy cars to eventually join the club for members to use. 54 stations are already operational, but a further 16 will come into service in the coming months.


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