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Tusker CEO now an EV convert

Electric vehicles have been given the nod of approval by Tusker after its CEO used a Nissan LEAF as a company car for more than 5,000 incident-free miles.

The contract hire and salary sacrifice provider has subsequently added EVs to its own employee company car choice list and installed two dual-socket recharging posts at its new Croxley Green HQ in Hertfordshire.

In a bid to understand the pros and cons of electric motoring, Tusker Chief Exec David Hosking [pictured] decided to use the LEAF for his 38-mile regular commute, twice a day, for six months. He now considers himself an EV ‘convert’.

Zero cost

The Tusker boss believes that EVs have a use within a corporate environment but their low running costs only start to make sense against the typically higher front-end costs if they are used on a very regular basis.



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