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Toyota to double the number of its EV chargers in Japan

Toyota plans to double the number of electric vehicles charging, thus extending its charging-station program that was launched in 2012, in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. Considering that a charge will cost only a dollar, electric vehicle owners will probably be extremely happy to try the new EV charging systems.

Toyota originally launched a program involving the installation of 32 charging stations in Aichi Prefecture in 2012 and will add another 40 between November 15 and March 15, 2014. The Japanese automaker is working with four city governments – Gamagori City, Toyohashi City, Nishio City, Kota Town – as well as more than a dozen private companies, the international press reports.

At the moment, the existing charging stations are located at retail spots and Toyota plans to install extra charging stations at hotels and tourist attractions. And while the tourist-site chargers won’t be freebies, Toyota is asking just 100 yen ($1.02) per charge, so its goal of discovering “user-friendly authentication methods” for the stations is certainly realistic


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