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Tesla’s Rapidly Expanding Network of Charging Stations Form Unbroken Chain up the West Coast | Singularity Hub

You can travel anywhere in the US and never be further than a tank of gas from the next gas station. Tesla Motors wants the same freedom for electric cars, and they can’t afford to wait for someone else to make it happen. So, they’re building their own charging networks in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Owners of a Tesla electric car can now travel from San Diego to Vancouver, British Columbia and the major hubs in between using only Tesla’s own “supercharger” stations. The company said in a press release that 99% of Californians and 87% of owners in Washington and Oregon are now within 200 miles of a station.

Tesla Model S owners with an 85 kWh battery can charge their car for free, and for a couple thousand dollars, owners of the 60 kWh battery can do the same. Folks may buy a Tesla to be green or sexy (or both), but the bottom line matters too. Tesla wants people to feel they’re getting a better deal with an electric car than a gas-powered car. (And, the firm says, “We want to encourage Model S owners to take road trips.”)



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