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Suzuki Every Electric Car Does 800 Miles, Sets New Japanese Range Record

A few years ago, the concept of an electric car achieving 300 miles on a charge was virtually unheard of.

That made one duo’s achievement in a Tesla Roadster very special indeed, even if their average speed was relatively low. But now, you can do that with a Tesla Model S and a few eco driving techniques–so how do you move the game on?

How about 800 miles? That’s what one Japanese electric car-driving team has managed, in an electric-powered Suzuki Every kei-class minivan.

In fact, says Autoblog Green, the team’s eventual record was 813 miles, negotiating a 15.5-mile course around Ogata village in Japan’s Akita Prefecture.

A team of four drivers–including 1997 Dakar Rally winner Kenjiro Shinozuka–took turns driving. When you calculate just how long the record attempt took, you can see why–at average speeds of around 18 mph, that 813-mile distance will have taken over 45 hours.


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