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Sustainability update: Electric vehicle charging station arrives

CFO David Wheaton cuts the ribbon for Macalester’s new electric vehicle (EV) charging system. The station, found outside of the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, was the result of a federal grant and an Xcel Energy grant paying for the new campus feature. Photo courtesy of The Daily Piper.

On Tuesday morning at 10:45 a.m., CFO David Wheaton cut the ribbon on Macalester’s own electric vehicle charging station. Located conveniently on the northern end of the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, the charging station is now open for use. The College received a federal grant and an Xcel Energy grant subsidizing the installation.

Administered through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Metropolitan Council, the grants are helping make driving an electric car affordable. Macalester staff, faculty, and students will receive a discounted rate.

“Public rate will be on par with market price,” said Kurt Miller of the Sustainability Office. The station is set, he said, to discourage overnight and extended parking. After all, they’re charging stations, not parking spaces, according to Facilities.

The station, a Coulumb CT2021 bollard-style model, can accommodate two vehicles charging at once. The plugin port on electric vehicles is standardized among manufacturers for the most part, but adapters are common for differences in plugins. It takes roughly four hours to charge a vehicle fully, which translates to about 100 miles.
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