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Supercharged: Yuma becoming a charging hub for electronic vehicles

n early 2012, Yuman Steve Shadle became the first Arizona resident to register a Fisker Karma, an all-electric vehicle.

“It’s a rocket. It looks like a Lamborghini. It catches the eye,” Shadle said.

The 400-horsepower electric vehicle has a 50-mile range with batteries only, he said. The gasoline engine powers only the generator.

“So if I’m going to San Diego or Phoenix, I turn on the generator and it generates enough power to recharge your batteries,” he explained.

But he’s also impressed with its other features, such as the solar panel sunroof that operates the fan and cooling system. And when he’s going down a mountain, the tires charge the batteries, giving him another five to 10 miles.

Shadle usually charges his car at home, where he keeps it plugged in. But occasionally he takes it out for spin, maybe to the golf course.

For other motorists passing through on Interstate 8, Yuma is well known as a convenient stop between Phoenix and San Diego. So it’s not surprising that electric carmakers are eyeing the city as a charging station hub for electric vehicles, also known as EVs.


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