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Story About How The Tesla Model S Deals With Extreme Damage & Communicates With The Driver | CleanTechnica

As we’ve written previously, Tesla Model Sfires get an inordinate amount of attention. They are several times less frequent per automobile sold than fires in conventional gasoline-powered cars. But it’s an electric car. And it’s even the Model S. So it gets people talking.

While such occurrences are never desired or fun, Tesla Model S owners and prospective owners around the country are probably happy to hear how well the Model S performs in such a situation. To make that more evident to more people, Tesla yesterday published an article by the Tennessee Model S owner who had the bad fortune of being the driver in a highly unlikely accident and fire, but the good fortune of being a Tesla Model S driver. Here’s the article in full:

By Juris Shibayama, MD

I was driving home from work on the interstate in the right lane at approximately 70 miles per hour, following a truck. In the middle of the lane, there was a rusty three-pronged trailer hitch that was sticking up with the ball up in the air. The truck in front of me cleared the object. I did not have enough time to swerve to avoid the hitch, and it went below my car. I felt a firm “thud” as the hitch struck the bottom of the car, and it felt as though it even lifted the car up in the air. My assistant later found a gouge in the tarmac where the item scraped into the road. Somewhat shaken, I continued to drive.



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