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SolarCity Offers 10 Percent Discount to BMW i3 Buyers

Beginning in early 2014, buyers of a BMW i electric vehicle can eliminate worries about where the electricity used to charge their car comes from, or how green it is. That’s because SolarCity this week announced a deal to offer discounts to buyers of the BMW i3 electric car, making it easier for them to add solar power to homes.

SolarCity—whose chairman, by the way, is Tesla’s Elon Musk—provides assessment, installation, and monitoring and repair of solar power systems for homes and businesses.

“With help from SolarCity, BMW i customers will have the opportunity to maximize their commitment to sustainability,” said Rob Healey, BMW’s EV infrastructure manager. “This reinforces the entire concept behind the BMW i3, which is engineered and produced by the most sustainable manufacturing process in the automotive industry.” Under the agreement, BMW i buyers will receive 10 percent off the total system cost, which will mean lower monthly payments. SolarCity offers various financing plans, including options with free installation and 20-year set monthly payments.

The discount is available on all plans and will be offered in the 14 states that are part of SolarCity’s service area. Those state are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. SolarCity also serves Washington D.C. BMW certified 285 of its 330 U.S. dealers across the U.S. to sell the small electric city car.


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