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San Diego Airport Runs Test on Portable Solar-Paneled EV Charging

San Diego was the first city to install the SAE combo EV charger, and now the city’s airport is trying out another innovative charging station. For two weeks beginning on Nov. 12, EV drivers passing through the San Diego International Airport will be able to try out an EV ARC standalone solar charging station.

The EV ARC, invented and produced by Envision Solar International Inc. of San Diego, fits inside a standard parking space and requires no trenching or wiring. It uses solar panels to recharge the battery.

“We just show up, put the thing down, and turn it on,” Envision CEO Desmond Wheatley told
Direct from Sun to Car

The charging station generates approximately 16 kilowatt-hours per day—stored in a 22-kWh battery. The airport charger has one Level 2 240V plug. Instead of the 240V plug, the EV ARC can also support four 120V plugs. That is a good option for workplace charging, said Wheatley.

Figuring out the best placement for charging stations is a big job for cities, companies, and multi-unit dwellings. The EV ARC eliminates that dilemma because it can easily be moved to different locations, said Wheatley. “We need to have a flexible infrastructure,” he said.


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