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Robert Llewellyn: How does the electric Renault ZOE compare to its Nissan sibling?

One of the big advantages of driving a Nissan LEAF 35,000 miles becomes apparent when you get to drive another electric car. Instead of just experiencing the novelty of the electric car (oh goodness me, it’s so quiet!) I have something concrete to judge it against.

For the last week I have had the use of a Renault ZOE and after a mere 400 miles of driving, I think I can safely say I rather like it.

Renault ZOE 2012 (8)

I had driven one before during the press launch, but you don’t really get a proper impression of using the car when you do that. You just discover if it actually goes along, stops and goes around corners. Well, it does.

Living with ZOE

It feels lighter and smaller than the LEAF, probably because it is. It’s smooth, easy to drive and feels solid and secure on the road.

Longer term experiences bring up other insights.


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