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PG+E: electric cars have almost no grid impact so far

Electric cars lessen dependence on fossil fuels, but what effect are they having on power consumption?

The concern often comes up that large numbers of electric cars will increase the demand for electricity and overwhelm power grids — despite studies to the contrary.

Now we have data: Electricity usage doesn’t seem to be affected, at least thus far.

Representatives from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) — which operates in California, an electric-car haven — told Midwest Energy News that electric cars have had almost no impact on the grid so far.

PG&E conducts a grid service check every time a customer purchases a plug-in car, to make sure there is enough electricity available to charge it.

Here’s the key statistic: Out of roughly 10,000 service checks, only 12 neighborhood grids have had to be upgraded.


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