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PEVs: What does it take to get people to buy them?

As part of its efforts to promote the adoption and growth of plug-in vehicles (PEVs), industry software and services company Recargo collected opinions and attitudes from more than 2% of the country’s PEV drivers to find out what they want and don’t want, like and don’t like.

The firm’s new research service, PlugInsights, conducted the 2013 U.S. PEV Charging Study which touches on a variety of relevant issues, such as charging technologies, PEV driver charging habits, and vehicle range issues.

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One of the major conclusions may not be a surprise: drivers were very insistent that more Level 3 quick charging stations are essential if range anxiety is to be overcome. So it makes sense that charging at pay or free public charging stations account for only 10% of total charging… because they are overwhelmingly Level 2 chargers, which take hours.

Another key takeaway: while 81% of charging by home owners is done at home, 22% of the population lives in apartments. And those apartment residents make up only 8% of PEV drivers. Why? Among other things, they have a hard time charging at home.

To learn more abo>ut the study, click the link above and scan the press below for details and insights.


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