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Nissan LEAF electric car tops sales chart in Norway |

Nissan LEAF electric car tops sales chart in Norway
The reign of the electric car remains strong in the key European market of Norway, where the Nissan LEAF was the best-selling car of October.
Nissan’s first fully electric supermini claimed 6 per cent of the total passenger vehicle market in the country last month. Revised and refreshed earlier this year, the LEAF has consistently performed well in Norway, where electric car sales are the strongest in Europe.

Looking at car sales in the country so far this year (from January to October) the LEAF is the fourth best seller overall, taking 3 per cent of the market, even taking into account sales of traditional combustion cars. When the new LEAF launched in April, Nissan managed to secure a second best seller place for its electric model in Norway that month, but has since witnessed sales soar, as Norwegians take to the new version which boasts more legroom, more bootspace and quicker recharging times.
Despite having a tiny population under 5 million, Norway bought more electric cars last year than any other country in Europe and per capita, leads the world in the adoption of electric cars.


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