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ISO Certificate Says BMW i3 Is Squeaky Clean

Today BMW announced a recently received ISO certificate verifies its i3’s cradle-to-grave environmental footprint accounts for around 30-50-percent fewer greenhouse gases than conventional cars.

The ISO certificate 14040/14044 confirms the i3 – to be officially launched Nov. 16 – meets very rigid and stringent international standards, and beyond an inherently clean electric drive system, it assesses in closer detail the manufacturing processes for the car and recyclability of materials for post-consumer use.

Items included in the analysis are such things as olive-leaf extract-tanned leather, wood that’s been “environmentally refined” from certified European-cultivated stock, and use of natural fibers in the instrument panel and the door panels.
Click image for high resolution.

Click image for high resolution.

Other materials utilized that are said to be environmentally sustainable are carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), other plastics, and aluminum – of which the chassis is also made.

BMW says 100-percent of the energy required to manufacture the carbon fibers is locally generated from hydropower. And, electricity for i-series cars at its Leipzig plant also comes solely from renewable sources.


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