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India startup EVI flicks switch on electric vehicles

Summary: Mumbai-based Electric Vehicle India has designed and developed a retro-fitted kit to convert existing vehicles into hybrid or electric vehicles.

The combination of rising fuel prices, depletion of fossil fuels and increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution presents challenges to economies across the globe. India is no exception, as witness this Times of India article reporting the road transport sector guzzles about 80 percent of India’s crude oil consumption.

Ambitious Indian startup, EVI, (Electric Vehicle India) is having a crack at helping solve these problems with a product that claims to convert any traditional vehicle into an electric one. A world full of electric powered vehicles is an environmentalist’s paradise, but how sustainable are these solutions? Can they effectively reduce carbon emissions without impacting the performance and convenience of the traditional car?

Founded by Priyank Dahanukar, EVI started developing a kit in 2007 to convert any vehicle into an electric vehicle. The founder and a friend started with a prototype for an electric kart from which they developed the converter technology. The kit can be retro-fitted to convert existing combustion engine vehicles into hybrid or electric vehicles. According to Priyank, this became viable following the development of the Indian government’s hybrid and electric vehicle policy.


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