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Home builder aims to help spark electric car use

KITCHENER — David Brix hopes people plugging in their cars at home will become more commonplace than fuelling up at the gas stations.

The president of Guelph-based Terra View Homes is doing his part to pave the way toward that electric car future now.

This week, Terra View and Sun Country Highway, a Saskatoon-based company that sells electric vehicle chargers, got together to show off a model home in Kitchener that comes equipped with an electric vehicle charging station.

The electric chargers and various electric cars, ranging from a Tesla Model S to a Nissan Leaf, were also on display.

The model home on Tremaine Drive and five others will be sold with the electric chargers. Future homes will come with that option, Brix said.

“We are striving to be a leader in the industry and we are always trying to push the green envelope, so this is the next step.”

Sun Country sells chargers for homes, and advanced units for apartment buildings, hotels and other businesses. It teamed up with home builders, hotels and other partners to build the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Canada. It recently finished installing a network of charging stations along Highway 401.

But 80 to 90 per cent of charging is done at home and at workplaces, which is why Stephen Bieda, Ontario regional director for Sun Country, would like to see the wiring for electric charging stations become part of the Ontario home building code.


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