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Hands-on: BMW i3 review

After spending time in the company of the new, electrically powered BMW i3 we came away with a clear thought in our minds: we’d just driven the future. Not into the future, of course, as the i3 is a production car in the here and now. You can pop to a dealer tomorrow and pre-order one for 2014 delivery.

But there’s much more to this story than just a car. BMW i – the company’s sub-brand – is about a wholesale rethink of mobility; it’s futuristic in its thought process. And we like its vision.
More than just a car

The i3 takes the Bayerisch Motor Works guys into entirely new territory. It’s hard for us to fully describe what that involves here, not least because we didn’t spend long enough with the car to try out all its features and associated services.


But if you’ve ever wanted your car to be more inherently integrated into life and tech then you’re going to like the i3. You’ll be able to lean out of bed, fire up a BMW i App to check the car is fully charged and then heat it up or cool down the cabin before you leave the house in the morning.


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