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Guam: Turn over the new Leaf: Fully electric car is roomy, quiet, drives smooth

At last, an all-electric car model has reached Guam — three years after its launch in the U.S. mainland.

Statesiders may view the rollout of the Nissan Leaf as something so 2011, but not Guam drivers.

With the island’s gas prices near $5 a gallon, the possibility of buying a gasoline-free car is tempting.

The local Nissan dealership unveiled what it says is the first all-electric vehicle for the local market, the Leaf, on Nov. 6. And there wasn’t a shortage of guests who wanted to test drive the car.

When you combine the allure of doing away with gasoline expenses, and helping to save Guam from getting smothered by vehicle fumes, you’d at least be curious about it.
Lots of questions

Those who checked out the Leaf were loaded with questions.

Does it have power and speed similar to a conventional, gasoline-powered car of its size?


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